The odds are stacked against blockchain in India — and yet there is hope

FactorDaily recently featured Aditya Dev Sood’s article on how well-prepared India is, for the blockchain revolution. Aditya is the Founder of Startup Tunnel and Chief Mentor for Startereum multicity acceleration program. In the article, Aditya talks about how the Startup landscape is being swept by winds of blockchain. Beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the ecosystem […]

Meet the 7 Startups That Graduated From Startup Tunnel’s Second Batch

Delhi-based early stage incubator Startup Tunnel (STun) has announced seven startups that have graduated from its second batch. STun is an early stage incubator that helps startups by providing mentorship, passionate teams working on game changing ideas to enhance their capabilities in product development, marketing strategy, rapid prototyping, and design & user experience. Read More

4 Startups from Startup Tunnel Investors

New Delhi based Startup Tunnel (STun) is an early stage incubator that provides customized mentorship to startups and helps them with product definition, market validation, product launch, customer engagement, and early stage funding. Startup Tunnel built its first batch of startups between December 2014 and February 2015, and launched them in April 2015. Now, the incubator is all set to build its second […]

Aditya Dev Sood

Dr. Aditya Dev Sood is a serial social entrepreneur with a background in Design and the Social Sciences. He is a former Fulbright Scholar with two doctorates from the University of Chicago. Dr. Sood has built Startup Tunnel and several different kinds of organizations, all of which are co-located at the Vihara Innovation Campus in […]

Delhi-based early stage incubator Startup Tunnel opens its doors for entrepreneurs

New Delhi-based early stage incubator Startup Tunnel (STun) is offering a 3 months ‘No Equity’ incubation programme to selective startups beginning from March 2015. The programme focuses on developing the capabilities of entrepreneurs as well as achieving market fit for their innovations. Start-up companies selected under STun will be mentored under its inaugural incubation program. […]