The odds are stacked against blockchain in India — and yet there is hope

FactorDaily recently featured Aditya Dev Sood’s article on how well-prepared India is, for the blockchain revolution. Aditya is the Founder of Startup Tunnel and Chief Mentor for Startereum multicity acceleration program.

In the article, Aditya talks about how the Startup landscape is being swept by winds of blockchain. Beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum, the ecosystem is yet to see the big changes in new cryptocurrency concepts, cryptocurrency exchanges, soft and hard crypto wallets, identity management solutions, and different kinds of blockchain infrastructure as decentralized apps and applied solutions in sectors like healthcare, energy and many others.

However, an unsettling aspect is the misplacement of the Indian technology ecosystem to leverage the immense benefits of blockchain and to fully benefit from the transformation this technology is capable of bringing.

There’s a new wind blowing in the startup ecosystem these days — blockchain and a world of technical and organizational innovations that it is ushering in. There are new blockchain currencies, technology platforms and ecosystems, beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but now also including Lisk, Kin and many others.

Read the entire piece here.

Despite several issues within the technological landscape in India, one can see the inception of blockchain startups at a rapid pace. As more enthusiasts and supports gather, more communities will develop and come together to address pertinent issues. 

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