Pandemic and Co working Space – Juggling Business Architecture!

COVID 19 has hit every life with a bang and especially the work lives to the core. Prior to this COVID 19 pandemic, co working spaces and remote working ideas were on the rise but who knew that this deadly virus will disrupt our working ethics enormously.

It would be no lie to say that co-working spaces model has undeniably taken a shocking knock but still companies like ours “startuptunnel” is taking every possible measure to safeguard your work schedule by adopting every single precaution to fight this global pandemic COVID 19.

Precautions Taken To Safeguard Employees Against Corona Virus:

Proper Cleaning & Sanitizing Of Floors/ Desks and every other resource: Talking about our recent past, cleaning was something that was taken as a background process without paying attention to minute details. But today, the whole scene of cleaning has changed. Co working spaces are opting for a visible cleaning method as a necessity measure to make the employees feel comfortable and safe especially in a shared space.

As another safeguard measure, co working spaces have also come up with the daily anti viral spraying on all over the space so that there should not be left any space for discrepancy in account of cleaning and sanitizing.

Amid this global pandemic, one thing we have learned for sure and that is that the remote working module is here to stay and could also be the new working norm. Therefore in order to maintain the safety of employees and to stay protected against corona virus, compulsory hand washing/ sanitizing, readily available masks, entry time thermal checking and plexi glass shield protection in between the desk spaces are being adopted at every office and especially in the co working office platforms. The increased hygiene measures are taken to make the employees feel comfortable and safe at the time of working in offices.

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