Social Distancing Practices at Co-Working Offices

Owing to the COVID 19 pandemic, the working ethics, norms and strategies has changed and here’s how to quickly adapt and evolve with this changing working world at large:

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With the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions ease and the world resuming back to its normalcy, the working patterns at around the world has changed drastically. The employees are required to change and adapt to the new ways of working and organization ethics in a new sense all together.

The Corona pandemic most required precaution is to maintain social distancing wherever we are. So, as an employer, business organizations are required to keep a check and regulation on whether all the safety precautions for COVID 19 are being followed and especially if the employees are maintaining social distancing at work or not? Here’s how to ensure for social distancing at workplaces:

  • Strategize and implement more frequent and intensive cleaning regimes at all work floors and stations.
  • Enhanced and improved airflow through the entire office building by using HVAC windows and systems
  • Don’t follow the habit of handshake while introducing yourself or avoid hugs as a welcomes gesture.
  • Re arrange the work stations in order to prioritize personal space of the employee and also manage and organize seating patterns so that no two employees face each other while working.
  • Placing sanitizing equipments such as dispensers soaps and wipes everywhere in the office, but especially at the entry corridor.
  • Making face masks a mandate on the places where social distancing cannot be practiced.
  • Always remain six feet apart (2 meters) from your co worker.
  • When moving in the corridor, always make sure that there is enough elbow room and no one should accidently touch each other while moving through the office space.

If these social distancing habits and practices are being ardently followed, we can fight back the pandemic even at office spaces too.

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